“Everything about the sun-soaked Canary Islands, which were added to the UK’s travel corridor list in late October, always seems to feel bigger and brighter. I’ve paid the Spanish islands a visit at least once a year since I was a teenager, and the enormity of the place always strikes me, whether that is while gazing up at the pineapple-top foliage of the palm trees around the hotel pool, gawping at the human-dwarfing size of the rainforest’s evergreen ferns, or running, grinning, down the dunes, my heels spraying golden sand in my wake.”

The Canary Islands are one of the first places I remember travelling with my mum. She loved the near-guaranteed sunshine, the dramatic landscape, the tang of the ocean in the air.

Since those first family holidays to the Canaries, I’ve been back countless times to explore further. Some of the islands are fantastic for hiking – Tenerife, with its piercing Mount Teide, and El Hierro, with its end of the world feel, in particular – while others lend themselves more to watersports or to wine tasting.

People often ask me which my favourite island is, and almost every time I find myself giving a different answer. Each one has something different to offer, from big resorts with Michelin-starred restaurants to remote beaches inaccessible by car. So I was thrilled to put together a guide for the Telegraph, introducing all eight islands and suggesting who each one would be perfect for.

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