“As a teenager I hated hiking but after my mum died in 2016, hiking became a means of keeping her close. It’s also the best way I know of connecting with nature, the ultimate restorer. I’ve tackled everything from heartache to grief with a romp in the British countryside.”

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time hiking with my mum. But I hated it. I sulked in the car en route to Devon from our home in Wiltshire, I trailed behind mum as we crossed Dartmoor together and I grumpily stood atop some of England’s loveliest hills, failing to appreciate the beauty of it all.

But as I grew up I gradually learned to love it. Hiking eventually became the way I dealt with heartbreak, frustration and sadness, as well as the very best way I could find to get to grips with nature. I believe that a hike is the best backdrop to a conversation with someone you love and the best way of checking in with yourself and your emotions. Today I am in love with hiking.

So I was delighted to be asked to write about why I love this simplest of outdoor activities – as well as how you can get out there on the trail with me – for Boots Health and Beauty magazine.

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