“Tenerife. Vast concrete resorts, imported sand and lobster-red Brits chowing down on a full English breakfast? If that’s what springs to mind, it’s time to lay aside your preconceptions and look a little closer.”

Tenerife is much-maligned. Images of boozed up Brits and vast resorts have done this gorgeous island a disservice. Because Tenerife is beautiful, and it’s time to discover the island’s lesser-seen side.

Do that and you’ll discover an island that’s almost half national park or nature reserve. One ringed with teeny coves of sand smoothed by the Atlantic and untroubled by a sole – until yours sinks into it, that is. Here, amid the crashing ocean, the planet’s third tallest volcano broods beneath a bright blue sky, and even this early in the year the temperature is topping 20 degrees.

I love Tenerife, and I was thrilled to be asked by the Telegraph to tell people why.

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