“How did the tortoise cross the road? The answer lies in the jumble of limbs spilling out from the back of our Land Rover, small feet landing on warmed asphalt as three excited children clamber from their seats – and practically over each other – to rescue a tortoise towards which our front wheels had been heading.”

Montenegro is a stunner. I mean, look at it. I was blown away by the scenery in this underrated Balkan country when I visited recently, and so grateful to Emma and Ben who hosted me at their glorious Villa Miela and showed me around their unspoiled corner of the country.

You can follow in my hiking boot-steps on a multi-activity holiday at the villa. We spent our week heading out onto Lake Skadar to kayak in mirror-clear waters, spot herons and visit Father Nikola at his island monastery. We also delved beneath the landscape on a visit to a local cave packed with bats and swam in a natural pool so inviting I forgot to strip down to my bikini and just jumped right in. I was underneath the waterfall before I realised I still had my socks on. You can easily forget yourself in a place this beautiful….

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