“Step on to the Isle of Wight ferry, step back in time. At least, that’s what it has always felt like to me, the years peeling back as the ferry pushes out into the Solent.”

It’s difficult to me to talk about the Isle of Wight without feeling emotional – because I spent a joyous week on the island every summer holiday of my childhood, spending time with my parents, making new friends, swimming and playing just about every sport and silly game imaginable at a proper old-fashioned British holiday club called the Savoy.

Today, the Savoy is no more. But the island is better than ever, its bucolic landscape of hedgerows and palm trees, sandy beaches and chalky cliffs the perfect antidote to a year and more spent under lockdown.

I escaped with my family to the island during those brief days of Tier One status, when it was one of the only places we were allowed to visit. But I’d recommend the island any time (restrictions allowing of course) and can’t wait to get back there, to run on the sands with my daughters and feast on local seafood with my husband, among so many other things.

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