“It’s another Tuesday afternoon at home. The TV flashes in the corner with something I don’t remember putting on. My fingers are tacky with peanut butter and I’ve just noticed a stain on my jogging bottoms that, now I think of it, was already there yesterday. My one-year-old daughter is playing happily with Duplo blocks on the floor. My husband is clicking away on his laptop upstairs in the office. And I’m sitting here wondering where it all went wrong.”

I had my first baby last August and, since then, the world has changed entirely.

Thousands of women, myself included, have been forced into taking on far more childcare than they anticipated thanks to the pandemic, being pushed out of the workforce by a cocktail of reasons that range from a lack of childcare provision to a lack of work in the first place.

My work as a travel writer has been deeply affected by the pandemic. As a result, as well as taking on more childcare, I’ve also branched out into more lifestyle and first-person journalism, with a particular focus on writing about the experiences of new parents and young families.

I was delighted to pen my first piece for Grazia on this topic, interviewing numerous women about their experiences, and writing about my own frustrations in this very odd and unsettling year.

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